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the water

Cool, refreshing and loaded with nutrients. Our alkaline-ionized water is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Our proprietary formula and freshness not afforded by bottled water will leave you feeling hydrated and energized for whatever life throws your way.
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the science

Grab your favorite refillable bottle or shop from our own line, and prepare to ‘fuel your within.' Using chemistry and cutting-edge technology, we’ve created a state-of-the-art machine capable of transforming tap water into chilled, alkaline-ionized water.
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“Strong Workouts Need Strong Recovery”

  • Water by Awakening replenishes the body with necessary electrolytes to aide in recovery.
  • It keeps your muscles functioning at peak levels, boosts energy and lubricates your joints.

your hydration

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  • Download our app to help you reach your hydration goals.
    We help keep you on track through:
  • Daily reminders and alerts
  • A detailed overview of your hydration habits
  • Access to our latest inspirational articles and healthy tips
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Be the first in your area to sell Water by Awakening! Vended in small quantities, assuring the freshest water available, it treats approved tap water to improve its quality with the filtration process of reverse osmosis and disinfection of ultraviolet light.

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