the science

the science

The brain is composed of 75% water. In the few moments it takes you to read this, your brain will have utilized water to execute a multitude of functions like exhale and blinking. With as little as a 1 – 2% decline in optimum water levels, effects like fatigue may be sensed by the body.

Each day should start with a deliberate choice to prioritize healthy hydration.  In today’s fast paced society, we are constantly pushing to do more, see more, to outcompete, and inevitably many have grown accustomed to living in a suboptimal state.

Normal bottled water, irrespective of its source, loses its efficacy through the bottling, transportation and retail processes. Without exception, there is a depreciation of water quality and benefit from even the most premium bottled retailers on the market.

Water by Awakening makes use of standalone vend-n-go machines that perform the process of alkaline-ionization, purification and nutrient infusion for the sole purpose of maintaining the highest level of pure, balanced and nutrient-rich water available.


Not all waters are created equal.

Experience the Water by Awakening difference, today!

Water by Awakening:

Environmental Impact: Negligible

Added Nutrients: Significant 

Alkaline-Ionization: Yes.
No depreciation in quality or benefits.

Leading Bottled Brands:

Environmental Impact: Significant 

Added Nutrients: Zero - Trace Amounts

Alkaline-Ionization: Select brands only with gradual depreciation 

Feeling Energy or Focus Comes from the Inside.