the water

the water

Water by Awakening offers the best in balanced and pure hydration. Unlike other premium brands of water, ours relies less on gimmicky origin stories and focuses instead on the benefits afforded to those who drink it. Our goal is to continue the evolution of water treatment and improvement through science. We have the ability to transform water from any source into a healthier, cleaner, nutrient packed option.

We transform tap water on the spot to alkaline-ionized water that provides:

  • Electrons and minerals to improve joint lubrication
  • Minerals to support brain and muscle function
  • Hydration for sports and exercise recovery
  • Hydration to support pH balance
  • Antioxidants + a significant energy boost

The expertise and commitment has been invested to create a water experience that goes beyond anything a premium bottled water can provide. Our vend-n-go, freshly chilled, alkaline-ionized water provides nutrients and antioxidants that other waters simply do not.


Don't just hydrate your body, AWAKEN IT!

Learn more about the Science behind our water and how it can help you reach your full potential.

Leveraging our state-of-the-art machines and our carefully developed, proprietary formulation, we can turn any source of water into the finest water you'll ever have the pleasure of drinking. We do not sacrifice the taste or efficacy of the nutrients packed into our water through this process.

After the alkaline-ionization process completes, the water undergoes reverse osmosis and disinfection through ultraviolet light. Minerals, nutrients, and electrons are added for taste and to optimize the benefits of pure and balanced hydration. Automated technology within each machine monitors the water every 5 seconds to ensure quality.

Finally, your water is ready to be dispensed into your reusable bottle and consumed. We hope you enjoy taking your first step towards healthier hydration by drinking a healthier water. Remember to stay consistent with your hydration habits for lasting improvement. Feel free to track your progress with our Drop by Drop mobile app.

Nature gives us water, but science makes it better