our story

our story

Our story begins along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River in a small farming town nestled between the bustling cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Where chemical plants release a myriad of waste products into the once idyllic atmosphere.  Outflow drains, smoke stacks, and retention ponds have over taken the cypress swamps and antebellum sugar cane plantations. A place where people actually knew their neighbors is where we first meet our founder playing amongst the live oak trees.   As he grew the notion of serving others was planted. Basic values like honesty, integrity, service, faithfulness; family, hard work and self-sacrifice took root and defined this future Medical Doctor.

On March 9, 2015, 4:30AM our founder was awoken and prompted to pick up a pen in a dark room and start writing. Little did he know that several other 4:30 AM awakenings would occur all with same goal, clean, enhanced water, Water by Awakening™. As the vision unfolded 430A was defined…build a machine with rounded edges pleasing in appearance, which will be accepted across, markets, in the retail setting, health and wellness, doctor’s offices, and gyms. Direct a portion of proceeds towards feeding the poor. Water by Awakening began taking shape as the instructions were meticulously executed. The Awakening family slowly took shape as its singular focus was honed. Countless hours were spent building, testing and refining our efforts to bring you the freshest luxury water experience available. Experts from around the world were consulted to integrate real time monitoring technology, to assure our water always meets our exacting quality standards.

This is the story of Water by Awakening™ and it is just the beginning!


Our Team

Emile Pierre, M.D.

Emile earns a living in the medical profession, but has always had a passion for chemistry.  He believes that alkaline ionized water has health and performance benefits and is passionate about sharing the benefits of drinking better water to help hydrate and excel. Emile is a graduate of the Saint Louis University School of Medicine and has been a practicing physician for over 10 years.  You will often see him servicing the machines as he is very hands-on in the day-to-day operations of the business.

Nakeisha Landry Pierre, M.D.

Nakeisha is a Cardiac Anesthesiologist, Associate Professor Tulane University School of Medicine, Director Pre Operative Medicine Clinic Cardiac, Co-Director Clinical Cardiac Anesthesiology. She is also a sought after expert in Cardiac Anesthesiology who regularly lectures residents, faculty, and staff.  Dr. Pierre is also a wife, mother of three children, and a Religion Teacher.

Atoundra Lawson, J.D.
Foundation Administrator

Atoundra is a seasoned grant administrator overseeing funds at the multi-million dollar level within Washington D.C. Metro Area.  She manages grant funds from multiple donors including the United States government, international non-government organizations, foundations, local government, and private donors. Atoundra brings her fifteen years of experience to her role here as well as her worldly outlook based on her international travels.

Water is Your Best Friend for Life.