the mission

the mission

Water by Awakening aspires to build healthier and cleaner communities throughout the world by perfecting hydration through science and reducing the environmental impact of plastic bottles.

Today, bottled water is consumed from numerous sources with leading brands placing extra emphasis on celebrity partnerships, bottle design, and origin stories rather than on the quality of the water itself. We wish to tell a different story - one that not only places more importance on water quality but also illustrates how much impact plastic has on our environment. We believe Water by Awakening will change the way you think about hydration.

Join our mission in spreading awareness about the environmental effects of waste

  • Bottled water is tested for harmful pollutants at a rate of 4x less that of tap water
  • Plastic water bottles contain harmful chemicals like BPA that can cause cancer
  • Plastic waste, including bottles, is directly responsible for the death of more than 1 million marine creatures each year
  • The process of bottling water releases 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year

Our Founder's Story

Emile Pierre, MD, Founder & CEO

While I never set out to reinvent water, my interest and commitment both personally and professionally has focused on improving lives and helping people on their road to better health. As an Emergency Room physician for more than a decade, I’ve witnessed patients frequently visiting the Emergency Room with complaints of sluggishness, memory fog, and lack of energy, which together are symptoms easily remedied with proper hydration.

Water by Awakening™ was born

Over several years, I labored to create a device that would provide a premium source of hydration to target and alleviate these common symptoms. Awakening’s vend-n-go machine and proprietary alkaline-ionization process that would deliver a unique form of hydration unlike any brand on the market.

My sincerest hope is to raise awareness of proper water intake levels, increase accessibility to an optimum source of hydration, and move people to healthier living. Water by Awakening™, water that aids in optimizing your body’s essential functions with its minerals and extra electrons is your solution.

Here’s to helping your body to “fuel your within”™.

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.

Loran Eisely