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Would you like to advocate for a cleaner and healthier community through superior, waste-free hydration and earn profits while doing so? 

Our state-of-the-art vending machines have the ability to help you monetize the tap water you already have access to by transforming it into the freshest, purest and most nutrient-rich water on the market today.

Take advantage of our technology and capitalize on our 3-pillar system: 

  • Interactive & Appealing Design: Our machines offer helpful graphics and a video to educate consumers on how the tap water is treated, what's added to it and what makes it more beneficial than the alternatives. 
  • Reduced Environmental Footprint: Help eliminate the consumption of one-time use bottles and calibrate the price and quantity of your machine.
  • Large Capacity & Output for Repeat Vending: With a daily vending output of 900 gallons, you'll have plenty of opportunities to sell great water. Specific distribution options include 32 oz (1 qt.) - on the go - consumption or 64 oz (1 half gallon) and 128 oz (1 gallon) quantities.


If you would like to order a machine for your business or if you'd like to learn about our other partnership opportunities, please contact us by filling out our form or call us at:
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32 oz


64 oz

Half Gallon


128 oz


On the spot transformation of tap water from an approved public water supply into alkaline ionized drinking water enhanced with minerals and electrons. With our automated technology, we are able to monitor multiple quality parameters, including temperature and pH range of 8 -10 of each machine, every 5 seconds. When a machine is out of parameters, an automated alert is issued. We encourage vending in a reusable bottle that will last longer as an option to help reduce social concerns regarding the environmental footprint of one-time use bottles. Once at the 430A, consumers will insert a clean sanitized wide mouth container with a tight-fitting lid into the vending area. Then, remove water and store in the refrigerator. Our water is best if consumed within 3 days to experience the freshest extra electrons and alkaline pH. Consumers will revisit the 430A for continuous refilling, thus increasing foot traffic.


Grocery Stores


Wellness Centers




Pure Water is the World’s First and Foremost Medicine
Slovakian Proverb